Feminist/Womanism Empowerment

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fem i nism | noun

- the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes

Girl Power Goods | Women's Clothing + Accessories | Jewelry | Bath + Body | Home Goods | Children's Clothing and Vintage Toys.

HUGE SALE: 30-50% off most items.

A curated boutique of women and children's accessories. Treat yourself to lavish beauty + body products. Beck + Call is often home to local pop up shops from artists and family owned businesses. Currently housing Art by Leslea Hipp, Taryn Penrose + Blasphemy Press.

+ Pet friendly.

#lgbtqia+ | #blacklivesmatter | #abortionishealthcare | #savetheplanet

#freebritney | #indigenouslivesaresacred | #everychildmatters




10% in shop only


Podcasts you should listen to

Self-Awareness, Feminism, Political/World Wide, Trash + Crime

UnF*ck Your Brain

Goal Digger

Emotional Badass

The Happiest Sad Person

Style Your Mind

Sofia w an F

Call Her Daddy

Generation Why

And That's Why We Drink


Know any great ones? DM us on Instagram and let us know!

Discussion Topics that are coming soon:

 Past Present + future Partners we've worked with



Non-Profit Organizations


Women Equality



What Feminism means


Men + Mental Health


Why the Tampons you buy are important


+ more  

Store Hours:

Sunday 11am-5pm

Monday Closed

Tuesday-Saturday 11am-7pm

Our brick and mortar is located in the Oregon District.

504 E. 5th St. Dayton, Ohio.