We are a women-owned women + children clothing, accessory, bath and body and home goods shop promoting women, moms and feminists in and around Dayton, Ohio. 

Advocates for Human Rights + Equality, Mental Health, Animals + more.

All things from clothing + home decor, to mugs and books, keychains, stickers + magnets, bath bombs, salts + pet goods to local small business vendors + lots more. A drop off location for Crayons to Classroom (recieve 15% off in store purchase with donation), bras for Free the Girls, feminine products + cash donations for FemmeAid + cash donations for Human Society of Greater Dayton.

Our sister shops are Heart Mercantile Really Good Goods and Luna Gifts and Botanicals, also located in the Oregon District.

Heart Mercantile is located at 438 E. 5th St. Dayton, Ohio.

Luna is located at 261 Wayne Ave. Dayton, Ohio.



Brittany S. Co-Owner

aka Whitney/Buttercup/Crusher
• mother of two • insomniac • Wright State alumni • adventure coordinator • carnie food enthusiast • Halloween obsessed • bottom shelf red wine connoisseur • craigslist huntress • documentary aficionado • former cheerleader • to-do list author • dive bar expert

Kait G. Co-Owner | Manager

aka Katherine/KiKi/Bangs Kait
• whiskey enthusiast • retired Creative Writing teacher • spreadsheet queen • curmudgeon • podcasts • iced-coffee drinker • poetry writer • plant killer • wife • cat mom • assertive • always tired • event planner extraordinaire • guitarist • Wright State alum

Taryn P. Photographer/Social Media | Events Coordinator

•mom • lifestyle photographer • americanos all day • pothead • realist, optimist + pessimist • self awareness reader & podcast listener • french toast and biscuits + gravy • organic earth ass • lists, lists, lists • artist • former hater  

“Do what you love & you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Tailor C. Shipping | Event Coordinator | Public Relations

aka Tai/T/Mom

• college dropout • big sis • find her at a concert • the baby • workaholic • always eating • bad at most things • dat ass doe


AKA Anastasia

• mom • red wagon puller • vegetarian • nature junkie • Dayton history fanatic • plant lover • French fry connoisseur, Pisces

Amanda C

aka Mandy aka Lil’ B

•always anxious • always tired • always covered in dog hair • always stoned • allergic to almost everything • feminist • semi-professional Spotify playlist maker trying to figure out this life thing.

Jaime Bones H.

• organizer and advocate with Ladyfest Dayton and Dayton Women's Resistance • 2011's Jello wrestling champion of Clover St. • mama of 2, though it feels like 5 • cat and plant whisperer • tarot reading crystal loving witch • If I can grow it I can cook it • get that meatloaf outta my face! • Rupaul! • meteorology and astrology are dope • big Aries vibe • master of sarcasm and resting bitch face • eye roll game on point