Mill-Cliff Prints


1920 Dayton Women Suffrage Voters 8x10"

"league of Women Voters - Dayton, Ohio - Circa 1920"


1918 Woman In Factory Suffrage Poster 8x10"

"We are ready to work beside you, fight beside you and die beside you. Let us vote beside you..."


1920 Woman Registered Voter Poster 8x10"

"A woman living here has registered to vote. Thereby assuming responsibility of citizenship."


1912 Ohio Women Suffrage Photo 8x10"

"Woman Suffrage Headquarters"


1920 Women's Suffrage Vote Poster 8x10"

"We give our work, our men, our lives if need be will you give us the vote? Vote for Woman Suffrage Nov. 6th"


1894 Let Ohio Women Vote Suffrage 8x10

"Let Ohio Women Vote"

Vintage Voting Prints